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Zeus Perfume Oil

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The alluring effect of Zeus is a combination set for the gender-neutral fragrance lover who enjoys the traces of leathery and oud notes.

Elegant, mesmerizing, and classy, the Zeus exotic oil is like that quiet but classy minimalist couple who don’t want to fuss around with perfume collection as they feel the scents could be regarded as intrusive to the people around them. 

They have one shared signature scent that they wear year-round for any occasion.

They always smell classy and sexy yet powerful and rich. 

Zeus Fragrance Notes:

  • Love
  • Leather
  • Oud
  • Wood


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16 reviews for Zeus Perfume Oil

  1. Mexy Eve

    Lemme tell you a story about when your village people want to disgrace you…shebi I went to hide my Zeus perfume oil… (story for another day)… I needed to go out and I forgot where I hid it, Tor! That’s how I used my sweet & spicy room spray on my clothes o… people started saying you smell nice, what perfume are you wearing… how will I tell them pe is room spray ni mo tee si asho bayi. The perfume oil and room spray has amazing fragrance, keep up the good work

  2. Tutu

    This Zeus oil is amazeballs!!! absolutely amazing!! Smells better than all three of my current designer perfumes. What?!! Well done

  3. Verified Customer

    Everyone has a Zeus story, cos its so amazing.
    I bought one for my husband too, he was really excited. Then, some weeks later someone gifted him a more expensive perfume, and he wouldn’t let me hear word. I sha carried my Zeus out of annoyance. Only for me to be looking for my Zeus earlier this week, and I found it in his wardrobe. We cannot use death to compare sleep mhen. Na work you do. Forget how e happen.

  4. Ijeoma

    See ehn. I initially thought people were just hyping Zeus upandan till I purchased it for myself. All of a sudden, hidden DANG members in my office came out. Everyone wanted to hug me and now my shoulder have raise. Lemme rush and order for my extended family members to avoid stories that touch. And the delivery nko, seamless and efficient. Well done Ife!!!!

  5. Anu

    I love the fragrance. really strong and you need a little on a female to have the perfect fragrance on you. I rub a little of all three on me daily and i am used to the ‘You smell lovely’ complement.
    Delivery is super efficient . I have recommended this brand to as many as listen

  6. Nne


    Its 11:15pm by my time and I used the zeus oil let’s say 9am earlier today with no extra touch up during the day oooo.
    The gist is that I had my Bath early this evening,..but however I can still perceive Zeus scent on me! What kinda wizardry is this!
    Ahhh…this is when a boyfriend would have been useful oo.

    Excellent range of products, good customer service and efficient delivery service Dang! 👌

  7. Nenye

    I’m not a perfume person but I must say yes perfume oil is amazing.Really love the fragrance

  8. Nenye

    I’m not a perfume person but I must say ZEUS perfume oil is amazing!!Really love the fragrance

  9. Yuddy

    The Zeus Perfume Oil is the perfect fragrance if you like a mixture of leather and wood fragrance. It actually smells really nice. A little dab at the right places, can do a whole lot. It’s economical. The only problem I have with it is that, it doesn’t smell all day. The nice fragrance last for say half of the day. I bought it because I was searching for an affordable perfume that will smell all day once I use it once. I will have to continue searching.

  10. Sola

    I am an avid collector of scents – from hijacking to sneaking usage to buying. I honestly bought this oil out of curiosity based on reviews on DANG and it was the first thing I tried when I received my package. Words are not enough, in brief – I’m sold on this!!

  11. Fey

    I love good fragrances. This Zeus oil is what I imagined it to be “oudy” (If there’s a word like that), strong, long-lasting. Great job! I can’t wait for the proud moment I give it to my husband.

  12. Anonymous

    I only use it once and I am not sure I am going to use it again. The smell is very strong and I couldn’t handle it, though I am pregnant maybe that’s the reason. I intend to use it again after I deliver my baby maybe I will feel different about it.

  13. Ogochukwu Iloh

    It was way too strong for me, more suited to a guy. Reminds me of Arabian nights

  14. Moyosore Adeleye

    Surprised Hubby with it and he loves it! Just a little dab lasts all day.

  15. titilovesu

    Hubby gave me money to order this for myself. Now, I’m not sure who owns it anymore.

    Him: “I’m not really a fan of perfume oil yen yen yen…”

    Now every morning, I’d see him drag out the pack to use.

  16. Toyosi Shoremi

    Nice fragrance

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