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Richie Rich Luxury Home Spray

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Switch up the ambience of your home with this fragrance: From regular to affluent!

Notes: Neroli essential oil sourced from Tunisia, Juicy red grape, orange blossom, water lily, lush green and crystalized sugar.(Phthalates and Paraben free)

Instantly create an impression with a Scent Surround.


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3 reviews for Richie Rich Luxury Home Spray

  1. Edujie Mac

    I received my order today and I must say that I am wow-ed. The candle smell amazing, the room sprays are equally amazing and I can’t wait to spray them on my bed linen. The body oil is fire and I feel bad I only got one scent. This is affordable luxury and money well spent!!!
    You have got a repeat customer here. I will definitely be reordering the 450g candles for my living room. Well done

  2. Verified Customer

    What did you put in that Richie Rich and Wild Rose room spray? I have never been a room spray person, I think it’s a waste of money and it’s better to invest in diffusers. Anyway my husband who surprisingly introduced me to this community has bought all the candles possible from you so since we finished burning and our hair is now grey waiting for you to restock, he decided to try the room sprays let it not be like at all at all. We bought Richie Rich and wild rose sprays because those are our favorite candles, let the house smell the same all through. Those room sprays last long, they make our house smell like Burj Al Arab. I’m so proud of myself when I walk into my house. We both have in the office and in our cars and in our house, the luxury of it I can’t even explain.

    Let me tell you what my husband now did. He promised he would stop smoking, I believed him o. Last Thursday he went to watch Arsenal, I don’t even know if they won the match but I think they lost, they’re always losing. Sha he came back home I watched him from our room drive-in, bring out room spray and sprayed it on this clothe. I knew it that he smoked and Arsenal lost. He walked in confidently smelling of Richie Rich, not one hit of cigarette on his clothe but I said I must catch this man today. I hugged him and wanted to kiss him he refused, pecked me and rushed to the bathroom. I no gree o, I followed him inside and asked him to open his mouth waaaa. He just started laughing, the laughter came out with cigarette smell. A whole adult using room spray to disguise. Sorry for my long story but I just had to share when I remembered the matter today. Thank God Richie Rich is not mouth wash, that’s how my husband would have disguised completely.

  3. Toluwalase Alemede

    When i received my order i was about to para for the dispatch man that he spilled my room spray or it broke. I did’nt know pe it was the room spray just smelling ni o. nothing was broken o. everything in the package was intact o. Then i Couldn’t throw away the box it was packaged in because i paid for all the scent coming out o. when i now sprayed it nkoh, Oh God, wonderment. when i enter the house i would be like i am rich and everything it sticks on keeps smelling after days. Its the diffuser i am gathering money for, when my money is complete, you people will not hear word o.

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