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Wild Rose Luxury Home Spray

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Quickly transform the atmosphere in your home into one of luxury and opulence.

Roses are wonderfully intense with sweet and floral fragrance. 

That intensity can be yours with this evocative scent that sets your brain pleasure centers and synapses aglow. It contains rose petals, sweet musk, and cashmere that gives the feeling of an oriental mood-lifting aroma within your space. 

Cashmere is rich, warm with a soft base.

Material: Frosted Glass

Fragrance Notes

  • Rose petals 
  • Sweet Musk 
  • Cashmere


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3 reviews for Wild Rose Luxury Home Spray

  1. Moyosore Adeleye

    I love the smell, it instantly improves the atmosphere of the room.

  2. Adedolapo Adeniregun

    I bought this room spray based on other people’s reviews and because I couldn’t afford to buy the diffuser at the time. It smells amazing. On Saturday after deep cleaning, I like to lightly spray it on my sofa and beddings. I find that the smell lasts longer that way. It’s not upsetting for little children like regular “air freshener”. I absolutely love this and so does my 15 month old. I keep it away from her though.

  3. osiawaorezi

    Wow! This fragrance is top notch. Immediately it was delivered, I quickly sprayed it in my living room because I didn’t want my husband or anyone at home to see me spraying it. 10 mins later, my husband came out of our room. I waited patiently to see if he would noticed, 2 mins later he asked me what was scenting and I refused to tell him. That was how my husband started going round the house looking for what I sprayed 😂 He found it eventually though😁

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