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Dang! Ageless Niacinamide+N-Acetyl glucosamine Serum

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Great call if you’re actively working to revive your skin.

Contains Niacinamide and N-Acetyl Glucosamine


DANG! Ageless 10% Niacinamide plus N-acetyl glucosamine makes it the perfect all-round formula designed to rejuvenate the skin, enhance skin clarity, close large pores and treat acne

Revives the skin

Hydrates dry skin

Tighten enlarged pores

Helps discoloration and uneven skin tone

Niacinamide is good for everyone, dermatologists highly recommend. Individual results may vary.

Niacinamide: also known as Vitamin B3, this super versatile ingredient helps fight acne, fades pigmentation, and improves skin hydration.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG): naturally found in our skin, NAG promises to fight against wrinkles while naturally moisturizing the skin.

✓ Allantoin: hydrates, exfoliates, and improves skin dullness caused by environmental factors

For best results, apply serum to clean skin in the morning & at night. Use a thin layer on your face, neck, and chest. Follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen for a radiant finish.

If your skin is sensitive, do not use the Niacinamide serum & the Vitamin C serum in the same routine. Use Niacinamide serum in the morning & Vitamin C serum at night or vice-versa.


Usage Advice

For external use only. Keep out of reach children. We always recommend patch testing on the inside of the forearm 24hours before full usage. Introduce new products to your skin slowly so that you can easily identify any source of irritation.

If you react to this serum, let your skin rest for 3days then, resume your routine.


30ml | 50ml

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Shelf life: 3 years from the date of first use.

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30ml, 50ml

10 reviews for Dang! Ageless Niacinamide+N-Acetyl glucosamine Serum

  1. Nneka

    I call it the dark spots and acne attacker!

    Few days into this routine and I noticed a remarkable change. The spots gradually fading off and acne all dried up.

    Do not sleep on this product peeps! Just be consistent and patient too. A job well done Danglifestyle!🙌🙌

  2. Yetunde

    I love this product, it leaves my face feeling smooth and soft after every use, especially at night. I recommend this product 100%.

  3. Judith Irenoa

    This is my favourite serum. Few days after I started using it, my face became soft, supple and clear. I rate it 💯

  4. Oluwaseun Adelakun-Popoola

    This is the best my face has looked in my adult years! Slow but steady-my face gets better everytime I check. I’m happy to have finally found what works for my skin. So expectant on where this journey leads. It’s to be restricting “sight flow” . 😁😁😁 Expecting the aggressive acne attacker.

  5. youngadeyanju

    It makes my face really oily.

  6. Olamide Akinboye

    I think I’m addicted to this…but don’t blame me, I finally found a product that is effective for my sensitive skin.

  7. Buki Iluyomade

    This product makes my skin feel supple. In conjunction with the vit c serum hyperpigmentation and the dark spots left on my face and chest after my skin tag removal procedure have faded off. It’s a powerful combination. Weldone!

  8. Oluwaseun Adelakun-Popoola

    This is the best my face has been in all of my adult life. This product is simply magical. Together with the Q10 VitC Serum, Face wash with the Collagen and Hydrating Serum. Wow. You start to feel it work the second they touch your face.

  9. chykn4life

    The niacinamide serum is highly recommended.. battled severe acne for a while now, stumbled on The dang page in IG, it really helped to clear up the acne and I have rarely had any breakouts which is a great improvement and the results were seen in about two weeks. I will always purchase this serum, 💯 % sure of this.. just purchased the vitamin c serum to tackle the acne scars and hyperpigmentation, I’m positive this would work too

  10. zubaidah

    Wow! Dang Ageless products are the truth! My face has never EVER looked better in all of my adult life (been fighting acne for almost 20 years). I’m using the Niacinamide & Collagen serum, morning and night, not even consistently but my spots are fading, pores less visible and face glowing. MashaAllah

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