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The Ultimate Beginners' Guide: How to Start a Good Skincare Routine

Products for starting a good skincare routine as a beginner


In this post, we'll be exploring how to start a good skincare routine: a beginner's guide.


You see, finding a good skincare routine that's effective and suits your needs as a beginner can be quite a hassle.


It's even worse with the numerous skincare products out there. It's difficult to know what to start with or what products are right for you.

Not to worry. In this comprehensive guide, we'll breakdown the steps and equip you with the knowledge to kickstart your skincare routine with confidence.


From helping you understand your skin type to sharing our simple yet effective beginner skincare routine, we'll cover it all.


So, get ready to unlock the secrets to healthy, glowing skin and embark on a journey to skincare success!


Key Takeaways:The Ultimate Beginners' Guide: How to Start a Good Skincare Routine

  • ¬†Understanding your skin type is crucial to establishing an effective skincare routine tailored to your needs, whether it's oily, dry, combination, sensitive, or normal.

  • Avoid overwhelming your skin with too many products at once; start with a basic regimen and gradually introduce additional products as you become more familiar with your skin's needs and preferences.

  • Results won't happen overnight; stick to your routine, give your skin time to adjust, and trust the process, maintaining consistency in your daily skincare regimen.

  • Introduce new products gradually to avoid overwhelming your skin, especially if you're new to skincare, and minimise the risk of irritation or adverse reactions by being mindful of ingredient interactions.


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    Beginner Skincare Tips: How to Start a Good Skincare Routine for Beginners


    Before diving headfirst into the world of skincare, it's essential to lay down a solid foundation to ensure a smooth and successful journey. Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind before starting your skincare routine:


    Know your Skin Type


    Understanding your skin type is the first step towards establishing an effective skincare routine, whether you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin.


    This will guide you in selecting the right products and ingredients that work best for your skin.


    Overall, there are mainly five skin types:


    • Oily/acne-prone Skin: extra shiny and greasy appearance with enlarged pores¬†

    • Dry Skin: tight, dull, flaky, and rough appearance

    • Combination Skin: oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and dry¬†cheeks.

    • Sensitive skin: easily irritated and prone to redness and itching.

    • Normal skin: smooth, clear, and even skin texture


    You can take this personalised skin type quiz to discover your skin type.


    Keep it Simple


    When starting a skincare routine, less is often more. Avoid overwhelming your skin with a multitude of products right from the get-go.


    Instead, start with a basic skincare regimen. As you become more familiar with your skin's needs and preferences, you can gradually introduce additional products and treatments.


    Be Patient

    Patience is key when it comes to skincare. Results won't happen overnight, and it may take several weeks or even months to see significant improvements in your skin.


    So, stick to your routine, give your skin time to adjust, and trust the process.


    Be Consistent


    Consistency is paramount for achieving healthy, glowing skin. Establish a daily skincare routine and stick to it religiously, even on days when you're tired or busy.


    Having a good skincare routine and a consistent use of skincare products allows for better efficacy. It also ensures that your skin reaps the full benefits of the ingredients.


    So, set a schedule and make skincare a non-negotiable part of your daily self-care routine.


    Don’t Mix Up Products


    While it can be tempting to experiment with various skincare products and ingredients, avoid mixing too many active ingredients at once, especially if you're new to skincare.


    Introducing multiple potent ingredients simultaneously can overwhelm your skin and increase the risk of irritation or adverse reactions. Instead, introduce new products gradually, allowing your skin to adapt and respond positively.


    By following these essential skincare tips to build a skincare regimen, you'll set yourself up for success and pave the way for healthier, happier skin in the long run.


    Remember, skincare is a journey, not a sprint, so take it one step at a time and enjoy the process of nurturing your skin to its full potential.


    Basic Steps on How to Start a Good Skincare Routine: Beginners' Guide

    Inforgraphic showing what makes a good morning and night skincare routine for beginners


    Let's dive into the basics of what a good beginner skincare routine should look like.


    Cleanse First


    The foundation of any skincare routine begins with cleansing. Cleansing your skin removes dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities accumulated throughout the day, ensuring a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare products to work effectively.


    Choose a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type, whether it's oily, dry, combination, or sensitive.


    Here's what we recommend:

    Massage the cleanser onto damp skin in gentle, circular motions, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


    Incorporating this step into your daily routine, especially before bed, helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts, setting the stage for healthier skin.


    Tone Next


    After cleansing, the next step is toning. This helps balance the skin's pH levels and prepares it to better absorb subsequent skincare products.


    So, when starting your skincare routine, look for an alcohol-free toner containing ingredients like witch hazel, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid to hydrate and soothe the skin while removing any leftover traces of impurities.


    Apply the toner to a cotton pad or gently pat it onto your skin with clean hands, focusing on areas prone to excess oil or congestion. Alternatively, place your hands a few centimetres away from your face and spray to cover all areas of your face and neck.


    Here's what we recommend:


    Overall, incorporating toner into your routine can help tighten pores, refine skin texture, and provide an extra layer of hydration for a radiant complexion.


    Boost Your Routine With Special Serums


    Serums are concentrated formulas packed with potent ingredients designed to target specific skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or dehydration.


    Furthermore, serums can supercharge your results and address your individual skincare needs. Choose serums containing powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, or niacinamide, depending on your skin goals.


    Here's what we recommend:



    Apply a small amount of serum to clean, toned skin, gently patting it in until fully absorbed.


    Serums provide targeted treatment and can make a noticeable difference in the overall health and appearance of your skin.


    Lock in the Benefits With a Moisturiser


    Moisturising is a crucial step in any skincare routine, regardless of your skin type. A good moisturiser helps hydrate and nourish the skin, replenishing moisture lost throughout the day and forming a protective barrier to lock in hydration.


    So, choose a moisturiser suited for your skin type, whether it's lightweight gel-based for oily or acne-prone skin or richer cream-based for dry or normal skin. Apply a pea-sized amount of moisturiser to your face and neck, gently massaging it in upward motions.


    Here's what we recommend:



    Moisturising not only keeps your skin soft and supple but also helps maintain its elasticity and resilience.


    Finish off With Sunscreen


    Sunscreen is the ultimate step in any skincare routine, offering vital protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation.


    In addition, daily sun exposure can lead to premature ageing, sunspots, and even skin cancer, making sunscreen a non-negotiable step in your skincare regimen.


    Therefore, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and apply it generously to your face, neck, and any other exposed areas of skin. Reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you're spending extended periods outdoors or engaging in water-related activities.


    Here's what we recommend:



    By incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine, you not only shield your skin from sun damage but also preserve its youthful appearance for years to come.

    Model using a serum; a good skincare routine beginners can start using


    Extras to do at Night: Night Skincare Routine for Beginners

    Creating a solid nighttime skincare routine is essential for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. While your morning routine focuses on protection and preparation for the day ahead, your nighttime routine is all about repair and rejuvenation.


    Here are some extra steps to incorporate into your nighttime routine to maximise the effectiveness of your skincare regimen:

    Always start with cleansing

    Before diving into your nighttime skincare routine, it's crucial to start with a clean canvas. Starting with a thorough cleanse ensures that your skin is free from impurities.


    This creates the perfect base for the rest of your skincare products to work their magic and kickstart your journey to start a good skincare routine.


    Ensure to Exfoliate

    Exfoliation is a key step in any skincare routine, especially at night when your skin undergoes natural renewal processes. It eliminates dead skin cells, ensures a smooth texture, and promotes cell turnover.


    As a result, revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion. Opt for a chemical exfoliant containing ingredients like mandelic acid for gentle yet effective exfoliation.


    Here's what we recommend:


    • Dang! Ageless Mandelic Exfoliating Toner: (use 2-3 times per week to avoid over-exfoliation)


    Use your Targeted Treatment Serum

    After cleansing and exfoliating, it's time to apply targeted treatment serums to address specific skin concerns. Perhaps you're struggling with dark spots, fine lines, acne, hyperpigmentation, or premature ageing signs.


    You can benefit from using serums containing potent ingredients like azealic acid, niacinamide, snail mucin, retinol, or hyaluronic acid to deliver visible results.


    Recommended treatment serums, depending on your specific skin needs;



    Gently massage your preferred serum into your skin, focusing on areas of concern.

    Applying a targeted treatment serum in the evening allows the active ingredients to work overnight, repairing and rejuvenating your skin while you sleep. It's a powerful addition to your nighttime skincare routine as you embark on your journey to start a good skincare routine.


    Finish off with your moisturiser


    No nighttime skincare routine is complete without a moisturiser to lock in hydration and seal in the benefits of your previous skincare steps. Choose a moisturiser suitable for your skin type and concerns.


    Here's what we recommend:


    Massage the moisturiser gently into your skin in upward motions, ensuring thorough coverage.


    Applying a moisturiser as the final step in your nighttime routine is the perfect way to seal in all the benefits of your skincare routine and wake up to plump, hydrated skin as you continue to start a good skincare routine.

    Overall, by incorporating these extra steps into your nighttime skincare routine, you can maximise the effectiveness of your skincare products. Consequently, it helps you achieve the healthy, glowing complexion you've always dreamed of.


    Remember to be consistent and patient, and your skin will thank you for it on your journey to start a good skincare routine.


    Wrapping up....


    In the end, starting a good skincare routine doesn't have to be complicated. By following these basic steps and customising them to suit your individual needs, you can lay the foundation for healthy, glowing skin that radiates confidence and vitality.


    So, take the first step towards your skincare goals today and embrace the transformative power of a well-rounded skincare routine.


    FAQs: Beginners Guide to Establish a Good Skincare Routine

    1. What are the 3 most important skincare products?

    The 3 essential skincare products every beginner needs includes; a cleanser to remove dirt, a moisturiser, and sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.


    However, incorporating products like an exfoliator, serums, and targeted treatment can help you treat specific skincare issues and elevate your skincare routine.


    2. Is it necessary to use a toner?

    While a toner can help balance your skin's PH level, remove residue dirt your cleaner may have missed, and provide extra hydration, it's not mandatory to use a toner in your skincare regimen.


    3. Do you put serum or mosituriser first?

    The serums goes first before moisturiser. As a general rule, always apply products with lighter consistency first (like serums) before going in with products with thicker consistency), unless directed otherwise on the product packaging.


    This is to allow your skin absorb the products with lighter consistency, easily so you can reap the benefits.


    4. Do you wash off toner?

    Generally, toners are meant to be leave-on skincare products to allow the ingredients to absorb and work their magic. So, washing it off would essentially rid your skin of the benefits it ought to get.


    5. Should I use a toner everyday?

    This depends on several factors like skin type, ingredients in the toner, among other things.


    For example, if you're using a gentle hydrating toner, it's okay to use everyday. However, for an exfoliating toner, using it everyday may lead to over-exfoliation. So, using it on alternate days will be ideal in this case.


    Remember, you're in charge of your skin's health! While the product packaging and professionals offer recommendations, always prioritise your skin's response and adjust usage accordingly.


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