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5 Ways To Transform Your Space On A Budget

5 Ways To Transform Your Space On A Budget

Since your space is where you see every day if you aren’t traveling, it’s perfectly normal to get tired of the setting. If you need a change and want to stay within your budget to make your space feel new again, here are 5 ways you can transform your space:

Add Extra Details 

Give your house a new look by adding extra details like throw pillows, rugs, plants & candles. Use an existing glass jar as a vase for your new plant. Shop around your house and find some picture frames or artwork to decorate your bookshelf. Try a new color for your rug and choose your throws accordingly. The rug can set the tone for your new setting. Be sure to get candles that can also double as a decorative piece when it burns out. This way, you can repurpose it as a planter or a makeup organizer.

Switch The Placement Of Your Furniture

Having the same furniture placement can feel monotonous over time. Consider rearranging them. If possible, switch your TV placement to fit your new furniture arrangement. This can also be extended to your dining area. You will be amazed at how new your room can feel plus, you get a free space that also helps the room feel fresher.

Add a New Scent To Your Space.

Adding a new scent to your space can take how you feel about it from 10-100. A new candle or home spray will have you looking forward to your space and sure, being welcomed by an aromatic scent will make you fall in love with it again. The best part? Home sprays are totally budget-friendly.

Consider Repainting.

Since the living room is the first place you see when you get home, and it sets the tone for how you feel about your space, consider adding a pop of color to one side of your living room to accentuate that area. Choose a color that complements the style of your space. If your budget can fit into repainting the whole house, go for it!

Become A Minimalist

Do more with less. Eliminate a cluttered space and sell what you don’t need (extra cash, anyone?). Keep the sofa, some artwork, some seats, and your table. Everything else can go. Welcome to the minimalist lifestyle!

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